Isaiah rebukes Israel’s rejection of God’s kingship while sounding forth the everlasting promise of God’s universal kingdom that will come through the peace-establishing, justice-working Servant King, who will reign over transformed ethnic Israelites and Gentiles in the new creation. “And the haughtiness of man shall be humbled,” says Isaiah, “and the lofty pride of men shall be brought low, and the LORD alone will be exalted in that day” (Isa 2:17). God reigns not through proud men but ultimately through this Servant, who moves through tribulation unto triumph. This is Isaiah’s vision for hope.

In the following series of lectures, Dr. Jason DeRouchie teaches through a number of the high Messianic points in one of the Old Testament’s greatest prophetic books (he will be adding to this weekly). Come celebrate the Servant Savior in Isaiah’s proclamation of good news!

For a brief overview of Isaiah in four lectures, along with study notes and other resources, see DeRouchie’s Old Testament survey materials here.


Lecture 1: Isaiah 1, Part 1–Introduction to Prophecy (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 2: Isaiah 1, Part 2–Prophecy, History, and Covenant (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 3: Isaiah 1, Part 3–Christ and the Gospel (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 4: Isaiah 2:1–5–Ingathering of the Nations to Zion (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 5: Isaiah 6:1–13–Holiness of the Lord and the Mission of Isaiah (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 6: Isaiah 9:2–7 Part 1–Light Has Dawned (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 7: Isaiah 9:2–7 Part 2–Light Has Dawned (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 8: Isaiah 11:1–12:6 Part 1–The Rise of the Spirit Empowered King (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 9: Isaiah 11:1–12:6 Part 2–The Rise of the Spirit-Empowered King (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 10: Isaiah 11:1–12:6 Part 3–The World’s Delight in the Spirit-Empowered King (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 11: Isaiah 11:1–12:6 Part 4–The World’s Delight in the Spirit-Empowered King (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 12: Isaiah 24–25 Part 1–The Wasted City (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 13: Isaiah 24–25 Part 2—A Fresh Look at Structure (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 14: Isaiah 24–25 Part 3—Swallowing up Death (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 15: Isaiah 24–25 Part 4– The Millennium Part 1 (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 16: Isaiah 24–25 Part 5—The Millennium Part 2 (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 17: Isaiah 24–25 Part 6—The Millennium Part 3 (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 18: Isaiah 40:1–11—Comfort, Preparation, and Hope in the Good News (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 19: Isaiah 42:1–9—The Servant Brings Justice (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 20: Isaiah 49:1–13 Part 1—The Servant’s Mission to Save (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 21: Isaiah 49:1–13 Part 2—The Servant’s Exalted Role as Deliverer (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 22: Isaiah Was Written for Christians (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 23: Isaiah 49:14–26 Part 1—Yahweh’s Reassurance of Zion’s Restoration (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 24: Isaiah 49:14–26 Part 2—Yahweh’s Reassurance of Zion’s Restoration (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 25: Isaiah 49:14–26 Part 3—Yahweh’s Reassurance of Zion’s Restoration (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 26: Isaiah 50:4–11 Part 1—The Servant-Savior’s Mission (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 27: Isaiah 50:4–11 Part 2—The Servant-Savior’s Mission (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 28: Isaiah 51:1–8 Part 1—A Call to Hope in Eternal Salvation (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 29: Isaiah 51:1–8 Part 2—A Call to Hope in Eternal Salvation (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 30: Isaiah 51:1–8 Part 3—A Call to Hope in Eternal Salvation (Audio/PowerPoint)


Lecture 31: Isaiah 51:9–11—A Christmas Exodus (Audio/PowerPoint)