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How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament
What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About
A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew


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Greater is He: A Primer on Spiritual Warfare for Kingdom Advance

DeRouchie, Jason S. “Greater is He: A Primer on Spiritual Warfare for Kingdom Advance.” The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 25.2 (2021): 21–55.

Spiritual warfare is one of those topics that Christians are interested in but nevertheless have many questions about. What sort of authority does God have over the powers of darkness? What authority does Jesus give the believer, and how does that relate to the devil’s practices? Can the devil work against both unbelievers and believers, and can believers be demon possessed? Should the church expect to exercise authority over demons like Jesus did during his ministry on earth? And most importantly of all, what does the Bible say about such things? read more…

Understanding and Applying Exodus 19:4–6

DeRouchie, Jason S. “Understanding and Applying Exodus 19:4–6: A Case Study in Exegesis and Theology.” Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies 6.1 (2021): 85–134.

This essay seeks to interpret Exodus 19:4–6 passage within its immediate and broader biblical context, understanding and applying it as the Christian Scripture God intended (Rom 15:4; 1 Cor 10:11; 2 Tim 3:16–17; 1 Pet 1:12). The study also supplies a case study in exegetical and theological inquiry following the twelve steps outlined in my book, How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament. These twelve steps fit within five broader categories and provide the following outline for this article: read more…


Chipman, Todd R. Scripture Storyline: An Invitation to Biblical Theology. Dallas: Fontess, 2020. 

Are you looking for a Bible Reading Plan for the new year? Todd Chipman is my teaching pastor at The Master’s Community Church, and he also serves as Dean of Graduate Studies and Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I serve. Amid a flurry of new volumes on biblical theology, this new one distinguishes itself in the way it guides people through a year of Bible reading and supplies commentary on almost every chapter of Scripture while seeking to trace the storyline of redemption as it develops from the Old Testament to the New. I wrote the book’s foreword, which includes the following paragraph: read more…

Introduction to the Old Testament and Zephaniah

DeRouchie, Jason S. “Introduction to the Old Testament,” The Gospel Coalition, December 2021,

DeRouchie, Jason S. “Zephaniah,” The Gospel Coalition, December 2021,

Around one year ago, the Gospel Coalition published 250 essays overviewing all areas of biblical doctrine with a goal of serving the global church. I wrote two of these: (1) Interpreting Scripture: A General Introduction and (2) the Day of the Lord. You can access these articles here: and

Now, the Gospel Coalition is in the process of publishing a whole Bible commentary, book-by-book with introductory essays. I contributed the article titled “Introduction to the Old Testament” and the mini-commentary on “Zephaniah.” The commentary includes a very matured interpretation of the book in just 10 pages. In the introductory article, I briefly overview five critical issues pertaining to the Old Testament. read more…


DeRouchie, Jason S., Oren R. Martin, and Andrew David Naselli. 40 Questions about Biblical Theology. 40 Questions. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2020.

I am an Old Testament scholar who treasures the Lord Jesus, and because of this I delight in the discipline of biblical theology, which studies how the whole Bible progresses, integrates, and climaxes in Christ. I recently co-authored an introduction to the discipline with two friends who specialize in different disciplines: Oren Martin (Systematic Theology) and Andy Naselli (New Testament). read more…

Zephaniah: A Bible Background Commentary

Those interpreting the Bible in the twenty-first century have the significant responsibility of building a bridge between the modern world and the ancient Word. Part of this process includes learning about the Bible’s historical and cultural context, most of which we can know from the Bible itself. Nevertheless, having ready-reference tools on hand can be very helpful when definition or other background information is needed.

Scott Duvall and Danny Hays teamed up again to edit the new Baker Illustrated Bible Background Commentary. I had the chance to write the short piece on “Zephaniah.” Apparently my first draft included more detail than they preferred, as the final version is significantly slimmed down from what I initially submitted. Nevertheless, I believe that this whole-Bible commentary should serve many as they seek answers to a passage’s historical-cultural context.

DeRouchie, Jason S. “Zephaniah.” Pages 676–79 in Baker Illustrated Bible Background Commentary. Edited by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2000. /PDF/

How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament: Genre and Literary Units

For the Church has initiated their blogs summarizing portions from my book, How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament. Following the introductory post, part 1 summarizes step one in the exegetical process––Genre. Understanding genre is critical for rightly understanding the Bible’s message. As I explain in this blog article: read more…

Creating a Text Hierarchy in the Hebrew Old Testament is my top tool for visually tracking a biblical author’s flow-of-thought in order to determine a text’s boundaries, structure, and main idea. I use’s phrasing module to create what I call a TEXT HIERARCHY of the thought-flow, and then I use the arcing module to visually identify the SEMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS between each of the clauses/propositions. I address my approach and these tools in three chapters within How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament: read more…

Interpreting Scripture and the Day of the Lord

DeRouchie, Jason S. “Interpreting Scripture: A General Introduction” and “The Day of the Lord,” The Gospel Coalition, 23 September 2020, and


The Gospel Coalition has recently published 250 concise theology essays. You can read Phil Thompson’s announcement here.

I wrote two of them, and I offer my summaries below: read more…

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