This 1+12-session series is for anyone who wants to learn how to interact with God’s Word, especially as revealed in the Old Testament, the only Bible Jesus ever used. Many people feel overwhelmed and intimidated understanding and applying the Old Testament, even though 75% of our Scriptures are found in its pages.

Based on his book by the same title, Dr. DeRouchie gives roughly one hour to each book chapter, unpacking step-by-step how to study, practice, and teach the Old Testament as Christian Scripture. If you are a Christian, you will find that these lectures magnify the Messiah and will nurture your hope in the gospel. Take this journey into discovery and encounter!

Lecture 0: Introduction (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 1: Genre (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 2: Literary Units and Text Hierarchy (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 3: Text Criticism (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 4: Translation (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 5: Clause and Text Grammar (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 6: Argument Tracing (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 7: Word and Concept Studies (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 8: Historical Context (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 9: Literary Context (Audio/Handout/PowerPoint)


Lecture 10: Biblical Theology (Audio/Handout/Powerpoint)


Lecture 11: Systematic Theology (Audio/Handout/Powerpoint)


Lecture 12: Practical Theology (Audio/Handout/Powerpoint)