Old Testament Resources

Jesus never read Romans and never heard a sermon on 1 Peter. Instead, it was books like Genesis and Deuteronomy, Isaiah and Psalms that shaped his identity and mission. Jesus’ Bible was the Old Testament. Over the course of approximately two years Dr. DeRouchie walked his Sunday School class book-by-book through Jesus’ Bible. Below you can download the audio teachings and PowerPoint slides for the classes, and you can also download DeRouchie’s seminary course notes for each Old Testament book. Toward the bottom of the page are compressed archive .zip files of the audio for each of the Old Testament sections. May the Lord use these resources to help you treasure Christ and the hope of the gospel more from all of Scripture.

OT Introduction, Overview, Synthesis
Law Former Prophets Latter Prophets Former Writings Latter Writings
Genesis Joshua Jeremiah Ruth Daniel
Exodus Judges Ezekiel Psalms Esther
Leviticus 1–2 Samuel Isaiah Job Ezra–Nehemiah
Numbers 1–2 Kings The Twelve Proverbs 1–2 Chronicles
Deuteronomy   Hosea Ecclesiastes
  Joel Song of Songs
  Amos Lamentations

Compressed .zip files of the audio for each section of the Old Testament.