2020-2021 Old Testament Lectures with PowerPoint Slides (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2022)

Genesis Lectures A, B, C: PowerPoint PDF / Handout

Genesis Lecture A: Audio


Genesis Lecture B: Audio


Genesis Lecture C: Audio


Seminary Lecture Notes on Genesis
(Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2022)

Blog Posts and Other Lectures Related to Genesis

Publications Related to Genesis (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2022)


Audio Messages with PowerPoint Slides (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2014)


(Audio Download: OTA2.1–Genesis-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP2.1-Genesis-DeRouchie [PDF])


(Audio Download: OTA2.2–We apologize for the break in audio at this point. This lecture has been lost. However, OTA2.3 begins with a review and the lessons can still be followed with relative ease. PowerPoint Download:  OTPP2.2-Genesis-DeRouchie [PDF])


(Audio Download: OTA2.3-Genesis-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: COMING SOON)


(Audio Download: OTA2.4-Genesis-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP2.4-Genesis-DeRouchie [PDF])


(Audio Download: OTA2.5-Genesis-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP2.5-Genesis-DeRouchie [PDF])


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