Genesis reveals the stunning beginning of the greatest story ever told. God crafts a marvelous universe with the power of his word, forms man into his own image, and places him into a garden, lavish and abundant. And yet, Genesis also holds bitter sorrow. The serpent slithers into the picture with deceitful intent. The man and the woman fall and are consequently exiled from the glory of God’s presence, but not without grace!

In the following lectures, Jason DeRouchie, Tom Kelby, and Brandon Bellomo look into Genesis 1–3 with an eye towards the biblical context of God’s redemptive purposes in Christ and new creation. They identify themes that begin in this garden and culminate in the final garden of the New Jerusalem. In break-out sessions DeRouchie also clarifies what aspects of the Creationsim debate believers must be most concerned with (i.e., God as Creator and Adam and Eve as the first historical parents through whom sin entered into the world), and he offers a series of biblical arguments for why he remains a young earth creationist while not tagging old earth creationists or evolutionary creationists heretical.

We invite you to begin reading Genesis 1–3 within its biblical context!

Jason DeRouchie (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology at Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis, MN, and an elder of Bethlehem Baptist Church.
Tom Kelby (MA, Northwestern College, Saint Paul, MN) is President of Hands to the Plow Ministries, President of the Alliance for Renewal Churches, and an elder at Cornerstone Christian Church in Spooner, WI.
Brandon Bellomo (MDiv, Bethlehem Seminary) is Senior Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Pierz, MN.


Lecture 1: Genesis 1 Overview by DeRouchie (Audio)


Lecture 2: The Doctrinal Importance of Creation by DeRouchie (Audio)


Lecture 3: Genesis 2 Overview by Kelby (Audio)


Lecture 4: Genesis 3 Overview by Bellomo (Audio)


Lecture 5: Arguments for Young Earth by DeRouchie (Audio)


Lecture 6: Genesis 1 in Biblical Perspective by DeRouchie (Audio)


Lecture 7: Genesis 2 in Biblical Perspective by Kelby (Audio)


Lecture 8: Genesis 3 in Biblical Perspective by Bellomo (Audio)


For DeRouchie’s lectures, PowerPoint slides, course notes, and publications on the whole book of Genesis, see here.