2020-2021 Old Testament Lectures with PowerPoint Slides (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2022)

Deuteronomy Lectures A, B: PowerPoint PDF / Handout

Deuteronomy Lecture A: Audio

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Deuteronomy Lecture B: Audio

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Seminary Lecture Notes on Deuteronomy (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2022)

Blog Posts and Sermons Related to Deuteronomy (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2016)

Publications Related to Deuteronomy (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2016)


GearTalk Podcasts Referencing Deuteronomy

Audio Messages with PowerPoint Slides (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2014)


(Audio Download: OTA6.1—Deuteronomy-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP6.1-Deuteronomy-DeRouchie [PDF])

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(Audio Download: OTA6.2—Deuteronomy-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP6.2-Deuteronomy-DeRouchie [PDF])

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Podcast Episodes

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