Over the next several weeks, the GearTalk Biblical Theology podcast will enjoy A Month in Deuteronomy. Hands to the Plow’s Creative Director, Mark Yaeger, has also designed some great cover art that may serve your ministry as you teach through this amazing book. Deuteronomy occurs in the Bible’s first division (= the Law), so the first gear is in blue in the first speech balloon; yet all Scripture’s gears (= Law, Prophets, Writings, Gospels and Acts, Epistles, and Revelation) influence or draw on Deuteronomy, which is why all the gears are colored in the second speech balloon.

The Images: PDF / JPG
The Images with Scriptures Callouts: PDF / JPG

The album cover includes four images.

  1. Moses’s Plea: Moses highlighting the first commandment (Deut 5:7) or Yahweh’s oneness (Deut 6:4) to a majority rebel community (signaled by their dark shading).
  2. Israel’s Problem: Moses’s recollection of the golden calf episode, which emphasizes Israel’s stubbornness, which continues down to his day (Deut 9:6–24) and will continue after his death (Deut 31:27), leading to the people’s destruction (Deut 31:16–18).
  3. Yahweh’s Promise Made: Moses’s anticipation of a new exodus (Deut 30:3–6) led by a new covenant, mediating prophet like Moses (Deut 18:15–20; 34:10–12).
  4. Yahweh’s Promise Fulfilled: Today, God is fulfilling his promise of a new exodus through the leadership of Messiah Jesus, who is redeeming some from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation.

I hope your heart is moved to worship our living and reigning God through these images and weeks of reflective conversations!

Be sure to tune in to the GearTalk Podcast the receive from A Month in Deuteronomy.