Audio Messages with PowerPoint Slides (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2014)

A brief introduction to the lectures on 1–2 Samuel can be found on the OT Overview and Introduction page in lecture OTA.9.3-TaNaK-Structure of Jesus Bible-DeRouchie from minute 35:47–47:18.

(Audio Download: OTA.10.1-Samuel.Pt1-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP10.1-Samuel-DeRouchie [PDF])


(Audio Download: OTA.10.2-Samuel.Pt2-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP10.2-Samuel-DeRouchie [PDF])


(Audio Download: OTA.10.3-Samuel.Pt3-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP10.3-Samuel-DeRouchie [PDF])


(Audio Download: OTA.10.4-Samuel.Pt4-DeRouchie; PowerPoint Download: OTPP10.4-Samuel-DeRouchie [PDF])


Seminary Lecture Notes on 1–2 Samuel (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2020)


Publications Related to 1-2 Samuel (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2014)

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