On January 28th, 2019 I had the privilege of leading a seminar during the Bethlehem Conference for Pastors & Church Leaders titled “How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament.” In line with the conference theme, “Gospel Joy,” my hope was to lead these pastors and ministry leaders into the joys of seeing and savoring Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament. The title I gave to this presentation, “Seven Ways to See and Savor the Divine Son in All of Scripture,” reflects that hope and walks through in a very practical way how to do this.

The seven ways are as follows:

  1. When you read the OT’s direct messianic predictions, see and savor the realization of the divine Son.
  2. When you consider the OT’s salvation-historical story and trajectories, see and savor how the divine Son stands as the goal and climax of all Scripture’s progress and integration.
  3. When you recognize similarities and contrasts between the old and new ages, creations, and covenants, see and savor how the divine Son influences all reality.
  4. When you identify OT characters, events, and institutions or objects that clarify and anticipate the person and work of Christ, see and savor the divine Son as the substance of all earlier shadows.
  5. When you revel in Yahweh’s identity and activity, see and savor the person of the divine Son.
  6. When you observe how the OT law and wisdom express ethical ideals, see and savor the justifying work of the divine Son.
  7. When you use the OT to instruct or guide others, calling them to love and thus fulfill the law, see and savor the sanctifying work of the divine Son.

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