Are the “Preacher’s” words in Ecclesiastes orthodox, or are they more akin to the teachings of Job’s three friends? Is the main voice that of a skeptic, fatalist, or agnostic, or do we hear the words of a believing realist and godly sage? This essay attempts to explain the heart of this mysterious book, finding in it a message of grounded hope rather than pessimism, of God-honoring joy in the context of brokenness.

DeRouchie says this essay more than any other he has written bears the mark of personal experience: “My understanding of Ecclesiastes’ message gave realistic clarity to and guidance in my own family’s challenging adoption journey.” He writes that he hopes this essay will be used to “motivate a new generation of ‘under-the-sun,’ curse-tasting believers to fear God and to look to him, the Creator-Shepherd, for satisfaction in this trying, suffering-filled, enigmatic world.”

SBJT-15.3-2011 Revised-Shepherding Wind and One Wise Shepherd-DeRouchie