All of Scripture addresses the progressive unveiling of God’s kingdom plan––God reigns, saves, and satisfies through covenant for his glory in Christ. The Old Testament provides the foundation for this message, and the New Testament details the fulfillment in Christ.

In the attached lecture, I overview redemptive history in seven easily-memorable stages:

  1. Kickoff and rebellion: Creation, fall, flood
  2. Instrument of blessing: Patriarchs
  3. Nation redeemed and commissioned: Exodus, Sinai, wilderness
  4. Government in the land: Conquest and kingdoms
  5. Dispersion and return: Exile and initial restoration
  6. Overlap of the ages: Christ’s work and the church age
  7. Mission accomplished: Christ’s return and kingdom consummation

The first five stages cover Old Testament history, whereas the latter two highlight the New Testament. With each stage I have included a series of cross-cultural images that capture the flow of the narrative. For a written overview of this same material, see my introductory chapter in What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About, which you can download here. For a brief story of these images being used to teach biblical theology to bush pastors in Papua New Guinea, see here.


Audio Download: KINGDOM