In my Old Testament survey I use an easily memorized acronym and handy icons to overview the progressive development of God’s plan of redemption from creation to consummation. I call it “KINGDOM: The Story of God’s Glory in Christ” (see below). I am very grateful to my dear Christian brother Joel Dougherty at for designing these images. For some materials that overview K.I.N.G.D.O.M., go here.

Recently, To Every Tribe’s Center for Pioneer Church Planting used the icons to teach the history of redemption to pastors in Papua New Guinea. These church leaders have now been empowered to reproduce the story to their tribesman, most of whom can’t read. Each image was made into a sticker that was placed on a single page in a notebook. As the instructors taught through translators, the pastors wrote in their own words next to the stickers the key elements of the plot. These ministers then left the two weeks of teaching with a notebook containing all the images and commentary that could in turn be used to teach others.

Below are two pictures of some PNG pastors teaching-back the material they learned. Rejoice with me in the kindness of God in using these images like this, and pray for God’s kingdom to run in PNG! Following the pictures is a synthesis of God’s KINGDOM program through images.

ToEveryTribe-PNG1 ToEveryTribe-PNG2

Kickoff and Rebellion (Creation, fall, flood)
Instrument of Blessing (Patriarchs)

Nation Redeemed and Commissioned (Exodus, Sinai, wilderness)
Government in the Land (Conquest and kingdoms)
Dispersion and Return (Exile and initial restoration)
Overlap of the Ages (Christ’s work and the church age)
Mission Accomplished (Christ’s return and kingdom consummation)