Chipman, Todd R. Scripture Storyline: An Invitation to Biblical Theology. Dallas: Fontess, 2020. 

Are you looking for a Bible Reading Plan for the new year? Todd Chipman is my teaching pastor at The Master’s Community Church, and he also serves as Dean of Graduate Studies and Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I serve. Amid a flurry of new volumes on biblical theology, this new one distinguishes itself in the way it guides people through a year of Bible reading and supplies commentary on almost every chapter of Scripture while seeking to trace the storyline of redemption as it develops from the Old Testament to the New. I wrote the book’s foreword, which includes the following paragraph:

This book is a seasoned, pastoral invitation to biblical theology. It was birthed in the context of the local church yet was tested in the context of the academy. It seeks to show you how the storyline of Scripture progresses, integrates, and climaxes in Christ. It is a book that accounts for how the biblical covenants develop, how the New Testament authors use their Old Testaments, and how Jesus supplies the solution to all problems, provides the Yes to every promise, fulfills all hopes, and operates as the substance to which all shadows point. Chipman is a scholarly pastor and a pastoral scholar. He writes for the church and for Christian families that shape the church. His book shows the fruit of extensive, thoughtful, and faithful biblical study matched by the clear communication and convictional care of a master shepherd who is following the chief shepherd.

You can read the Table of Contents and the whole foreword here. Check out and this new volume on biblical theology: Scripture Storyline. And don’t forget the KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan and KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan: Abridged as two other options.