Bible Reading Plans

If you are planning on reading through the whole Bible in the next year or are looking for something to guide your child’s reading, considering using The KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan or The KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan: Abridged. The initial plan is distinctive in the following five ways:

  1. The plan gives proportionate weight to the Old and New Testaments in view of
    their relative length, the Old receiving three readings per day and the
    New getting one reading per day.
  2. The Old Testament readings follow the arrangement of Jesus’ Bible
    (Luke 24:44––Law, Prophets, Writings), with one reading coming from
    each portion per day.
  3. In a single year, one reads through Psalms twice and all other biblical
    books once; the second reading of Psalms (highlighted in gray)
    supplements the readings through the Law (Genesis–Deuteronomy).
  4. The plan slates only twenty-five readings per month in order to provide more
    flexibility in daily devotions.
  5. You can start the plan at any time of the year, and if four readings per
    day are too much, you can simply stretch the plan to two or more years
    (reading from one, two, or three columns per day).

I have targeted the Abridged Plan for any who are not quite ready to tackle four chapters per day but who still want a solid sense for the overall flow of Scripture. I prepared it for a mom who was wanting something for her upper elementary school daughter to work through, and I hope that it will serve many more. The Abridged Plan is comparable to the other regular plan in the way that it approaches the Old Testament. However, it simply walks book-by-book through the Bible, covering only one chapter per day and only highlighting those chapters that I believe most capture the message of each biblical book. I have only completed the initial third of the year (January–April), which will guide kids from Genesis–2 Kings, reading 100 chapters, 25 chapters per month. I’ll try to complete the Abridged Plan by mid-April and post the update on the blog.

The full plan comes in two formats: (1) the pdf pages from the appendix in What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About, where the plan first appeared, and (2) a pdf Word document, which is likely more readable and easier to fold into small book marks for placement in the four main divisions of one’s Bible.

Start using the plans and let me know what you think!

KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan (WOTARCA PDF)

KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan (Word PDF)

KINGDOM Bible Reading Plan-Abridged (PDF)