In this 1 hour lecture, DeRouchie invites the listener into the beauties of the Book of Ruth and shows how the drama anticipates the work of Christ. DeRouchie’s says:

The book of Ruth’s placement before Psalms in Jesus’s Bible adds a messianic stamp to the book’s whole message of redemption, for Ruth is now read after the stories of Israel/Judah’s exile (Former Prophets) and after the prophetic voices (in the Latter Prophets) that extend into the period following initial restoration when there was once again no king in Israel and so many were doing what was right in their own eyes (so Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi). Thus, Ruth’s focus on Boaz of Bethlehem as a pointer to David of Bethlehem gives rise to the hope of a royal deliver from Bethlehem whose own life and work are then portrayed in the Psalms––a Davidic king who will restore people from exile and triumph over evil, though only through great tribulation.

In the whole lecture, DeRouchie covers:

  1. Ruth’s Setting in Time
    • The days that the judges ruled (1:1)
    • There was a famine in the land (1:1)
    • The significance?
  2. Ruth’s Moabite Background
    • Introductory matters
    • The significance of Ruth’s Moabite descent
  3. Key Themes in Ruth
    • Yahweh treasures covenant faithfulness.
    • Yahweh is a redeeming God.
    • Yahweh will fulfill his promise to redeem and restore Israel, ultimately through the line of David.

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