The annual Hugh D. Brown Lectures, Irish Bible College, Moira, Northern Ireland, Jan 13, 2022.

Over the past seven years I have given much time toward understanding Zephaniah. You can find some of the fruits of these labors here. Through this season, I’ve come to summarize Zephaniah’s message as being the “Savior God’s invitation to satisfaction.” More specifically, Zephaniah calls the faithful remnant from Judah and beyond “to seek the Lord together to avoid punishment and to wait for the Lord in order to enjoy satisfying salvation.” Recently, I was honored to give the annual Hugh D. Brown lectures at Irish Bible College, and for them I overviewed Zephaniah’s message and lasting relevance so that others may find satisfaction in the Savior God. In this first lecture I overview the setting for the Savior’s invitation (Zeph 1:1-18) and then consider stage 1 of this invitation to satisfaction (2:1-3:7). My goal in the second lecture was twofold: (1) Overview the charge to wait for the Lord (3:8–10) and the promises Zephaniah uses to motivate waiting (3:11–20b). (2) Consider how Christ fulfills Zephaniah’s vision of the Lord’s day and what that means regarding the timing and nature of the realization of Zephaniah’s hopes.

If you desire to understand Zephaniah and you seek to be satisfied in our Savior God, I hope you will enjoy listening to these two lectures. You can download the handout here. The audio and PDF links are below.

  1. Lecture 1 (audio/PDF): DeRouchie, Jason S. “Rejoicing in Hope: Understanding and Applying Zephaniah, Lecture 1: Seek the Lord Together to Avoid Punishment” (Zeph 1:1–3:7).
  2. Lecture 2 (audio/PDF): DeRouchie, Jason S. “Rejoicing in Hope: Understanding and Applying Zephaniah, Lecture 2: Wait for the Lord in Order to Enjoy Satisfying Salvation” (Zeph 3:8–20).