Jesus and his apostles claim that his resurrection on the third day was “in accordance with the Scriptures” (1 Cor 15:4; cf. Luke 24:44). The hope of the resurrection stretches back far beyond the empty tomb to the hopes and prophecies of God’s old-covenant people. At the same time, Jesus’s rising inaugurates God’s new creation in the present and points us to the day when all the tombs will be emptied and God’s people will rise to meet their Lord with resurrected bodies.

I invite you to investigate with me in a recent Desiring God post the theme of resurrection traced from Genesis to Revelation. Through explicit references and typologies I explore the theme first in the Old Testament, and then I follow this theme into the New Testament by observing how Christ rises from the dead “in accordance with the Scriptures.” I also consider the immense hope the resurrection provides for believers, along with the numerous ripple effects from this pivotal moment in history.

Desiring God