Verrett, Brian A. The Serpent in Samuel: A Messianic Motif. Eugene, OR: Resource, 2020. 

This updated and now published ThM thesis from Brian A. Verrett is a model example of rigorous exegesis and whole-Bible theology done well within a single book. Brian received his BA from Louisiana College and his MDiv and ThM from Bethlehem College & Seminary. For several years he has served as an elder of New Creation Church in Granville, NY, and he is now readying to begin his PhD in Biblical Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Brian is one of the most gifted biblical-theological students I have ever taught, and I am thrilled to celebrate this milestone in publication.

In this careful and detailed study, Verrett identifies how the biblical author of Samuel employed serpent language, imagery, and concepts to heighten hope in the coming messianic king. Other scholars have rightly identified various characters in Samuel as “serpents,” be they Goliath, Nahash (the king of the Amorites), Hun, Absalom, or Amasa. Nevertheless, Verrett is the first of whom I am aware who uses careful literary analysis and biblical theology to show how the author intentionally employs what can truly be called a serpent motif in order to present the offspring of David as the promised offspring of the woman from Genesis 3:15 who will defeat the serpent and reign as king in the new creation.

I advised Verrett on this thesis, and Dr. Jim Hamilton served as his external reader. You can read my foreword to his book here.

Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. Biblical Theology of the Serpent
  3. Goliath as a Serpent
  4. Nahash as a Serpent
  5. The Serpent within Samuel
  6. The Seed of David as the Seed of the Woman
  7. The Messianic Hope of the New Creation in 2 Samuel 23:1–7
  8. Conclusion
From My Foreword:

“In this well-researched study, Verrett identifies for us how the book of Samuel utilizes the serpent motif to foretell the triumph of the Messiah over the serpent as the means for initiating the new creation. This study models careful exegetical and theological method for the glory of Christ and the good of his church, and I am thrilled that is is now published. May its message nurture living hope in the living Messiah who has triumphed through tribulation and whose new creational kingdom is inaugurated and will be consummated.  ––Jason S. DeRouchie, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

What Other Scholars Are Saying:

“Brian Verrett’s work on the serpent is first-class. He skillfully combines rigorous exegesis with whole-Bible biblical theology.” –– Andy Naselli, Bethlehem College & Seminary

“This book shows the promise of a canonical biblical theology that can help us understand both individual books of the Bible as well as an important biblical theme.” –– Charles Trimm, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

“Verrett has written a detailed defense of an intriguing theme.” –– Charles L. Quarles, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Brian Verrett has given his readers much to consider in this book.” –– Michael B. Shepherd, Cedarville University

/PDF/ DeRouchie “Foreword”