A Prayer of Praise:

With unmatched strength and worth, you’re reigning now.
Before your majesty amazed we bow
Our hearts in fear. Awesome beauty we see.
Your Word we need to hear. Our lives are free
Because through Christ your wrath is turned away;
You’ve conquered death and sin. Our hope and stay …

Is you––the true, incomparable Lord.
You’re not against us, but for us. You’re toward
All who hope in your steadfast love; you save
All who believe your Son conquered the grave,
Bearing our sin and counting us righteous.
In him we rest through suff’ring and crisis.

He’s our rock, our strength, our peace, our support.
When fog arises and trials distort,
Through him you quiet the souls that need rest,
The weary, the worn, and all who confess
Their need. So create trust, and give reprieve.
Receive our prayers and praise. To you we cleave.

We extol you as the only true God,
You who reign supreme both here and abroad.
Today and tomorrow are yours to make,
Whether sunshine or rain, storm or earthquake.
We exalt you today as the matchless King;
We sing and cling, and your acclaim we bring.

Thank you for meeting us. Through Christ we pray––
Our Help, our Hope, the Truth and Life and Way. Amen.

––Jason S. DeRouchie (4/15/2018)