A Prayer of Praise

No one can measure the waters in your hand;
None else can mark the heavens with a span.
No other captures earth’s dust in a measure;
Only you weigh hills in scales like treasure.

Your Spirit’s greatness none can assess.
Perfect justice is yours; none can contest.
No one teaches, guides, or counsels you;
You know all things––your understanding true.

Like a drop in a bucket or dust on a scale,
Like nothing are the nations; before you they pale.
Your beauty is supreme and holy your name;
Incomparable greatness, your praise we proclaim.

To whom then should we liken God?
All idols of wood or fame will rot;
No likeness in creation does compare.
So we look to you and cast our cares.

Above the earth’s circle you sit enthroned.
From beginning to end your purpose sewn.
You raise up kings; for a season they grow.
Then like stubble in wind, away they blow.

You are the Holy One; to none you compare––
Everlasting, never weary, always there.
How can we think our way is hidden from your care?
You give power to the faint, and you hear our prayer.

You know our global partners by name,
Whether challenge, burden, honor, or shame,
They remain yours––unchained and unstained.
Your presence remains; their lives you’ve claimed.

There are many here living in fear;
Their hearts are cold and eyes prone to tears,
Life’s shadows make the next steps unclear.
They need you close; they need you to hear.

Some marriages present need healing today;
The sun’s rays seem distant; the skies of life gray.
Bring help; bring hope; come without delay.
Renew; restore; overcome dismay.

Merciful one, help the sick to stand;
Relieve their pain; make their hope expand.
Let them trust your purposes and your plan,
Wrapped in love, awaiting your healing hand.

Everlasting God, on you help us wait,
Keep us from stumbling, and make our paths straight.
With strength renewed, on wings help us mount
With thankful hearts, your works to recount.

In the name of the Incomparable One we pray. Amen.

––Jason S. DeRouchie (11/25/2018)