DeRouchie, Jason S. “The Biblical Covenants in Salvation History” (ETS Nov, 2021, Fort Worth, TX).

Understanding how the biblical covenants relate to each other is paramount to knowing how the Bible “fits together.” For this reason, at the 2021 annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society I gave this paper presentation about how the Bible’s storyline progresses through the historical covenants between God and his people. I argue that Jesus fulfills each covenant in different ways. The Adamic-Noahic covenant with creation establishes the crisis and context of global curse and common grace out of which the other covenants clarify God’s solution and saving grace. The Abrahamic covenant forecasts the hope of Christ and new creation through its conditional yet certain kingdom promises of land(s), seed, blessing, and divine presence. The remaining covenants clarify how God fulfilled these promises in two progressive stages. In the Mosaic covenant (stage 1) Abraham’s offspring is a single nation experience blessing and curse, which results in their exile from the promised land. The Davidic covenant recalls the promises of a royal Deliverer and declares the specific line through whom he will rise. Then the new covenant (stage 2) realizes these hopes in an already but-not yet way through the person and perfect obedience of Christ Jesus, whose kingdom work overcomes the curse with universal blessing, makes Abraham the father of many nations to the ends of the earth, and reconciles all things to God through the new creation. A time of question and answer follows the presentation.

Listen to this paper presentation by clicking here. Accompanying this lecture is a handout, and you can also access my paper by clicking here. May God use this paper to help you know how the whole Bible works together to communicate a unified message about Jesus and for his glory.