You are worthy, O Lord, of infinite praise;
None is greater or higher; just are your ways.
Snowy yards give rise to a flowery spring;
Skies of gray shift to blue as the robins sing.
Fields of brown change into landscapes of green.
Help us long for you and acclaim you, O King.

Light and heat flow like a river from your throne;
They awaken dead hearts and thaw out cold souls.
With love, you cleanse and heal the wounds of our past;
You forgive and renew; you make treasures from trash.
What was lifeless now breathes; what was broken is whole––
The foe now a friend, what was empty made full.

We were orphans; you claimed us; no more alone.
You gave us new names, and you called us your own.
As well-trained children, help us heed your commands,
Lead us to endure in faith, through storms to stand.
Let us bear fruit in season, trusting always in Christ.
He is our refuge, our strength, our breath, new life.

––Jason S. DeRouchie (4/2/2017)