God designed human marriage as a sign, a pointer, to the union between Christ and his church. Psalm 45 actually predicts the ultimate relationship and by this sets a pattern for human marriage. Following the lead of the messianic King, the husband must provide and protect for his bride. The wife must cleave to and respect her beloved.

Recently, I gave a short wedding meditation on Psalm 45. These are the contents of the meditation:

  • (3:23) The Charge to the King: Provide and Protect
  • (5:45) The Hope in Marriage
  • (9:31) The Call: The Husband Must Provide and Protect
  • (13:31) The Charge to the Queen: Cleave and Respect
  • (14:57) The Call: The Wife Must Cleave and Respect
  • (16:42) The Miracle of a One-Flesh Union

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