In this sixth installment to the Patterns of Evidence series, investigative filmmaker Tim Mahoney concludes his 20 year search for the biblical Mount Sinai. The onsite footage in this film is remarkable, and it draws together interviews, pictures, and videos that Mahoney and his team have gathered in over two decades of research. The five previous documentaries have all wrestled hard with the biblical, archaeological, and epigraphical evidence and have argued strongly for the faithfulness of the Bible’s claims. I strongly encourage you to get your tickets now and to see the film during one of its two Fathom Event showings. Watch the trailer here and visit to learn how to get your tickets for either the May 15 or 17 shows. Before heading to the theatre, be sure also to download the Scorecard, so that you can assess the various site proposals against the biblical data.

Journey to Mount Sinai I synthesized the biblical requirements for identifying the true Mount Sinai and then evaluated three of the six top proposals. This new film evaluates three more. The six sites include (PDF):

  1. Traditional Mount Sinai at Jebel Musa (southcentral Sinai Peninsula)
  2. Jabel Saniyah (southwestern Sinai Peninsula)
  3. Hashem el-Tar If (eastcentral Sinai Peninsula north of the Gulf of Aqaba)
  4. Har Karkom (southwest Negeb near the northeastern Sinai Peninsula)
  5. Hala-‘l Bedr (northwest Saudi Arabia south of the Gulf of Aqaba)
  6. Jabal al-Lawz (northwest Saudi Arabia just east of the Gulf of Aqaba)

Before “Journey to Mount Sinai I,” Tim Mahoney interviewed me for 30 minutes on “Encountering the God of Sinai and Salvation.” You can watch the video here:

I encourage you to get your tickets and to attend this film! Here are links to the following: