I am pleased to announce that all of my audio and video materials have each been consolidated into one central location. This will allow for easy access to all of this material, along with the ability to download the audio and video on apps for smart phones. You can find the links to these sites below or in the sidebar to each page on my website.

For audio, you can find my materials on SoundCloud under my name, “Jason DeRouchie.” In particular, all of the audio has been divided and grouped into playlists. You can also “follow” my user profile to be updated any time a new audio file is added. If you prefer, I also have an iTunes Podcast, though the podcast will only give you the most recent audio in the order it is uploaded rather than subdividing into easy-to-navigate playlists.

For video, you can find my materials on Vimeo, again under my name, “Jason DeRouchie.” All of my sermons and presentations will be uploaded to this page, and you can “follow” to be notified any time a new video is posted. You can also find my videos on YouTube.