DeRouchie, Jason S. “Interpreting Old Testament Wisdom” (Christian Challenge Leader Training, Kansas State University, Jan 17, 2022).

Grasping the significance of the Old Testament’s wisdom literature is not just essential for understanding large swaths of the Bible but also for knowing how to live rightly in this world. I recently gave a presentation to college students that is part lecture and part Bible study overviewing the concepts and literature pertinent to wisdom in the Old Testament. To this end, I consider wisdom’s foundational principles, definition, and types and formats. I then provide different examples of interpreting wisdom literature by considering a dialogue (Job 1-2), a couple of monologues (Eccl 3:9-14; 11:7-12:1), and various proverbs. I hope the presentation will help anyone interested in learning about wisdom in the Old Testament.

(Audio / Notes / Handout / PowerPoint) “Interpreting Old Testament Wisdom”

The goal of learning about wisdom in the Old Testament is to grow in fearing God and treasuring Christ more. May God grant you this goal as you enjoy this presentation.