DesiringGod asked Dr. Wayne Grudem and me to offer arguments for our respective old-earth and young-earth views, and then respond to each other. You can access the full set of articles and responses on the “How Old Is the Earth?” series page. A full PDF is available at The Age of the Earth, and links to the individual articles and responses are below:

  1. Jason DeRouchie: “Our Young Earth: Arguments for Thousands of Years”
  2. Wayne Grudem: “A Response to Young-Earth Arguments”
  3. Wayne Grudem: “Our Old Earth: Arguments for Billions of Years”
  4. Jason DeRouchie: “A Response to Old-Earth Arguments” and “Additional Notes”

Related to this is a four-part teaching I did on “Creationism and the Age of the Earth.”

I pray these studies honor our Lord, clarify the Bible’s truth claims, indicate the weaknesses of scientific inquiry, and move many to embrace the belief in a young earth, while maintaining warm collegiality with brothers and sisters who hold a different view.