DesiringGod asked Dr. Wayne Grudem and me to offer arguments for our respective old-earth and young-earth views, and then respond to each other. You can access the full set of articles and responses on the “How Old Is the Earth?” series page. Links to the individual articles and responses are below:

  1. Jason DeRouchie: “Our Young Earth: Arguments for Thousands of Years”
  2. Wayne Grudem: “A Response to Young-Earth Arguments”
  3. Wayne Grudem: “Our Old Earth: Arguments for Billions of Years”
  4. Jason DeRouchie: “A Response to Old-Earth Arguments” and “Additional Notes”

Related to this is a four-part teaching I did on “Creationism and the Age of the Earth.”

I pray these studies honor our Lord, clarify the Bible’s truth claims, indicate the weaknesses of scientific inquiry, and move many to embrace the belief in a young earth, while maintaining warm collegiality with brothers and sisters who hold a different view.