If you follow this resource website, you know I often write about seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. I recently presented a paper at the annual meeting for the Evangelical Theological Society on this very topic, and I highlighted seven ways that the practice of biblical theology helps us to both see and celebrate Jesus from his Bible.

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Biblical theology helps us see and celebrate Christ:

  • Through the Old Testament’s direct Messianic predictions.
  • Through the Old Testament’s salvation-historical story and trajectories.
  • By highlighting how the old and new ages, creations, and covenants are similar yet distinct.
  • By noting how Old Testament characters, events, and institutions clarify and anticipate his person and work.
  • As we revel in Yahweh’s identity and activity.
  • As we consider the ethical ideas found in Old Testament law and wisdom.
  • As we use the Old Testament to instruct or guide others in the law of love.