Are you considering college? Are you willing to do really hard things for God, trusting the highest power for the greatest task? Do you treasure Christ and long to see the obedience that flows from faith awakened among the nations for the sake of Christ’s name (Rom 1:5)? FUSION at Spurgeon College is a top-tier mission mobilizing training program for college students who are serious about pouring themselves out for Jesus’s sake.

I have never witnessed such an intentional, rigorous, gospel-saturated, character-shaping, selfishness-defeating, humility-generating, Christ-embracing, discipleship-equipping mission strategy. FUSION students are tough and tender, wise and winsome, serious and satisfied. In perhaps unparalleled ways, through nine months of spiritual, academic, physical, and contextual training and three months on the field with IMB missionaries in some of the hardest places, FUSION shapes Christian disciple makers who understand culture, people, religion, theology, and mission––all in order to magnify the majesty and mercy of Messiah Jesus in the 21st century. FUSION shapes, equips, and sends by developing lives characterized by sacrifice, discipline, respect, obedience, surrender, team work, language proficiency, humility, and disciple making. For the sake of Christ and for his church, I strongly encourage you to give one of your college years to FUSION! Your life will forever change, but more importantly, some who would have never heard may now hear and live.

For a recent FUSION promo video, tap the link below.

––Dr. Jason S. DeRouchie, Research Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary