A Prayer of Praise

Holy Father, you know best,
Sowing rest. Though we are pressed,
You still bless and only test
To make us more true.
You never tire or expire.
Your fire purifies desire.
You require but ever inspire.
We admire our supplier
Who replaces old with new.

Holy Son, all that is created
You predated, dictated, mandated.
Our story you’ve narrated;
You’ve deflated our pride and made us whole.
You indict, smite, and fight the night,
Doing right, setting shadows to flight,
Giving heat and light, might for the fight.
Supplying sight, you’re our delight,
Melting away the coldness of our souls.

Holy Spirit, ever present,
In our lament and torment.
The Son’s advent brings your descent
And gives us hope anew.
You’ve decreed that we proceed;
You feed, lead, and know our need.
No misdeed; you don’t mislead.
You intercede; we will succeed.
We cast our cares on you.

We praise you Holy Trinity,
Supreme divinity and for infinity
Fix our gaze, burning away the haze.
With hearts ablaze for endless days,
Let us celebrate your election,
No rejection or objection.
Let us heighten our affection,
Following your direction and
praising your perfection.

For the glory of the Father, Son, and Spirit, we pray. Amen.