Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures,
Meeting our rebellion with grace.
When the lures of sin entangle,
You humble us and show your face.

When anxiety seems to strangle,
You quiet us and this promise make:
A tangled heart you can untie,
And a bruised reed you will not break.

When pains of loss fill our eyes
With tears and our hearts with hurt,
Our sighs you hear, hearts you hold,
As your steadfast love is stirred.

You know our need, Lord. Make us bold
To face this broken age.
May cold deeds meet a warming love
Flowing from hearts of faith.

Enduring is your steadfast love;
Your riches in glory supply.
From above you meet our need,
As we on Jesus rely.

Praise to you who are strong in deed,
Meet us, help us, hold us we pray.
Ever leading, the unfailing One,
We are trusting your power today.

We celebrate your victory won––
Death defeated and hope secured.
The Son of God reigns over all;
Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures.


––Jason S. DeRouchie (4/27/2014)