This advent, Pastor Jason Meyer has been leading Bethlehem Baptist through Philippians 2:5–11, one of the few passages in Scripture that tie together in one text Christ’s humble birth as a man (Christmas) with his death and ultimate exaltation as Lord over all (Easter) (cf. Hebrews 2:9, 14). Meditating on the magnificence of meekness, the joy of Jesus, and the supremacy of our Savior, I drafted this poem as a prayer of praise this Christmas season. May you pray it with delight and desire.


All authority in heaven and earth
Are yours because at your birth
You as God became a man,
Taking your stand
Against sin and death,
Fulfilling to your last breath
Your perfect obedience of faith.

With love in your eye
You came to die––
A purposeful journey from manger to grave
To rising in order to save
Sinners like us from God’s just wrath,
To set us on a new path
Of life, of hope rising out of darkness.

We praise you, our Savior King;
New choruses ring
In this world of trouble and pain
Because you forgave, and like rain
Showered God’s mercy and grace,
Overcoming guilt and replac-
Ing it with your righteousness.

The widow and orphan boy
Can know the joy
Of hope and help and peace.
The addict can know release,
And those suffering loss
Find rest because of the cross,
Because of the hope it gives.

The elite will become low,
And all will know
Your supremacy over all.
May we not wait to call
On your great name
In pleasure and in pain,
Looking to you as our source of life.

Our hope rests in you today,
Trusting your bigness we pray
For sorrows to be cast
Aside and for joys that last
To be ours as we wait
For you, who are never late,
To act in the way that is best for your children.

Receive our praise,
And may our coming days
Be filled with rest
And strength. May we be blessed
Under your Sovereign care,
And may even stormy skies seem fare
Because of your presence with us.

We praise you for your Christmas presence with us. Amen.

––Jason S. DeRouchie (12/22/2013)