There Is No One Higher: Meditations on Revelation 4–5

There is no one higher,
No one sweeter
In blazing fire.
Our desire is to worship you.

Your throne is supreme;
Your name exalted.
To the cross we cling
And sing, “You are worthy of highest praise.”

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord––
God Almighty,
Creator adored.
Our eternal reward is you.

Before all time you exist––
Triune beauty, eternal worth.
By your word all things subsist,
And we persist by your grace alone.

Behold the Lamb,
The Conquering King,
Fully God, fully man.
The great “I AM” with all authority.

For the church you died,
Ransoming a bride
From every language and tribe,
And by your side we will reign on the earth.

Countless thousands before your throne,
Singing, “Worthy is the Lamb,” who alone
Our sin atoned.
You have shown yourself glorious.

Now all wealth, wisdom, and honor,
Might and glory,
Blessing and power
Are yours forevermore.

Keep us fighting,
Guard us from stumbling,
Ever delighting,
Ever inciting our souls with your love.

We praise you, our Treasure.
We love you, our Savior.
Your worth beyond measure.
Our pleasure is you. Amen.

––Jason S. DeRouchie (11/2/14)