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Treasure Hunting and the Quest for Nobility in Proverbs

In October 2014, Dr. DeRouchie teamed up with one of his former students, Pastor Brandon Bellomo, to teach and model how to interpret Proverbs Christianly. DeRouchie gave four talks (only two with audio), and Bellomo preached four times.

Audio Messages with PowerPoint Slides (Jason S. DeRouchie Ⓒ 2015)

1. (Audio/PowerPoint) DeRouchie–”The Son of God as Wisdom”


2. (Audio/PowerPoint) DeRouchie–”Interpreting Proverbs”


3. (Audio) Bellomo–”Biblical Manhood According to Proverbs (Prov 4:1–11)”


4. (Audio) Bellomo–”Guard Your Heart (Prov 4:23)”


5. (Audio) Bellomo–”Giving and Receiving Correction (Prov 15:31–33)”


6. (Audio) Bellomo–”Womanhood According to Proverbs (Prov 31:10–31)”


7. DeRouchie–”Topics for Preaching in Proverbs”


8. (PowerPoint) DeRouchie–”The Discipline of Children in Proverbs”

For more on Proverbs, see DeRouchie’s OT Survey page on Proverbs: