sugarloaf cove 3


Lord, you are holy, the earth displays your glory;
We are imagers, shaped to proclaim your fame.
You are mighty, the hope of every human;
We are weak, called to trust are the King.

You are true and forever faithful;
We need you fresh mercies to supply.
You are beauty, the most valued treasure;
We long for you to save and satisfy.

You are forgiving and show compassion;
We are sinners, so desperate for your grace.
You are just and punish all rebellion;
We praise Jesus who takes your wrath away.

Though we are sinners, you supply a Savior.
Though we rebel, you call us back.
Though we are helpless, you become the Helper,
You heal our sickness and fill our lack.

Though we forget you, you remember us.
Though we may lose, in Christ we win.
Though our demerit is so apparent,
You through Jesus overcome our sin.

You are holy; you are mighty.
You are true and faithful remain.
You are just and yet forgiving,
Christ bears our wrath and takes our shame.

You our Savior; you our Helper.
You our Healer; you hear our cry.
You remember, ever near us;
You our Victor and our Supply.


––Jason S. DeRouchie (9/21/2014)