Lord of All: A Prayer

Lord of all. From Aleph to Taw, from Alpha to Omega, from A to Z––every quality, every value has its benchmark in you. You are not one topping; you are the supreme in every way. The king of time and space. The master, not the amateur. You’ve always been the highest, but you’ve tasted the lowest, and you know our pain. You’re the guardian and the guide, the source and the end, the means, the fuel, the goal––our hope. You are the Lord of all. You raise up kings and help us raise our children. You displace peoples and create refuge. You slay armies and supply booty. You bring peace out of chaos and hope amidst pain. You never leave us and always know our need. Right now . . . you know. And because you know, and because you are able, a light of hope always shines amidst the darkness, and morning always follows night. Morning rays meet the mourning heart as you remind us that you are Lord of all and that you promise to bring life out of death.

Lord of all, we praise you. All things are from you and through you and to you. Pine needles and pine scent, breezes, sneezes and Kleenex, boulders and gem stones, ants, crickets, mountain peaks and peak-a-boo, eagles soaring, fathers snoring, walley and walruses, ingenuity and engines, dice and drivers licenses, stop lights, steering wheels, keys, pencils, computer screens, stock markets and super markets, presidents and paupers, diaper rash and baby ointment, car accidents and cancer wards, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, iPhones, business cards, email, sleds and slippery sidewalks. All things! All things! You are Lord of all. Football and playoffs, plane trips and plane accidents, terrorist attacks, wind storms, malaria, motion sickness, and medicine, head lice, snow and ice, orphans, families, marriages, Christmas trees, manger scenes, family devotions.

You’re the Lord of all our trust, all our need, all our supply, all our hope, all our help. Your majesty is high. Your beauty is radiant. Your wrath is ominous. Your faithfulness is sure. Your love is lavish. Lord of all––our savior, our sovereign, our satisfier. We surrender to you. We delight in you. We praise you this day. Our hope, our help, our healing are found in you, because you are Lord of all. It is the name of Lord Jesus we pray. Amen.