A Prayer: LEADER AND SAVIOR (Acts 5:31)

God exalted him at his right hand as Leader and Savior. (Acts 5:31)

Highly exalted are you, O Lord,
Seated enthroned at your Father’s side.
Adorned with power, crown, and sword,
Our hope rests in you––Leader and Guide.

Though storms of chaos and darkness rage,
With political and social pains,
We rest in you who upholds our frame.
Our Leader, our Savior you remain.

In our weakness, you make us strong.
We fear you more than we fear any man.
Purchased by blood, to you we belong,
Upheld like clay in the potter’s hand.

Through every valley, every sorrow,
Your church lasts; you protect and sustain.
You change not; you uphold tomorrow.
Our freedom and hope remain unchained.

Embolden us when others oppose.
Give us prudence and preserve our faith.
Fan our joy and love, and keep us close,
In life, in death, counting you as gain.

You are our Leader and our Savior.
Our help, our hope and peace rest in you.
Keep us trusting; it’s you we adore.
You’re our Rock, ever faithful and true.

––Jason S. DeRouchie (11/6/2016)