A Prayer: Hide Us, O Lord!

Hide us, O Lord.
You’re our shelter, our praise.
All our days set our gaze
On you, refuge and strength.

We have nothing;
You have all things, and you
Continue ever true
With mercies ever new.

With every dawn
The darkness flees away.
Although gray skies may stay,
You’re our hope for full day.

Death’s defeated.
The serpent is now slain.
Jesus reigns––life obtained.
Cleansing gained; no more stain.

You are for us,
We rest alone in Christ––
Paid the price, sacrificed.
Our souls are free today.

Though we are weak
Pots of clay, you are strong.
We were lost but now belong
To you, through whom we live.

–Jason S. DeRouchie (4/10/2016)