Something to celebrate: the launch of Books At A Glance! Because there are so many Christian books, and so little time to keep up with their content, Books at a Glance is now serving the church as a one-spot stop for weekly book summaries, book reviews, author interviews, and more to help the pastor and scholar keep up and select the right books. Grounded in the confessional statement of the Gospel Coalition, Books at a Glance covers:

Current, hand-picked books summarized by pastors and professors
Clear tracing of the key arguments, cover to cover
Short enough to read in one sitting
From reputable authors

Jim Zaspel, Business Manager at Books at a Glance, writes:

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? If you love books, your greatest frustration is keeping up – “So many books; So little time!” we say. Books At a Glance is a new online service designed to relieve this frustration, and in doing so it provides a much-needed service.

“Executive summaries” is a familiar concept in the business world, and this is what Books At a Glance now does for Christian readers. Their book summaries condense the leading argument(s) of a book, chapter by chapter, into a mere 7 – 10 pages. This enables you to keep informed and up to date and widen your learning in minutes, without infringing on your schedule. And of course it will help you know which books you want to purchase for a deeper understanding of the book’s topic. You can check them out at

In addition to book summaries, also offers book reviews, author interviews, and a blog, and their list of resources grows daily.

You will see on their Board of Reference that BooksAtaGlance comes with rich endorsements, and I am impressed with the excellent staff of Review and Assistant Editors that have teamed up for the work. I’ve been aware of the development of this website for some time, and now that it has launched I expect this to be a very useful tool for many.”

Check them out at!

The Board of Reference includes: Dr. Fred Zaspel (editor), Thabiti Anyabwile, Dr. Matthew Barrett, Dr. D. A. Carson, Dr. Jason S. DeRouchie, Kevin DeYoung, Dr. James M. Hamilton, Dr. Michael Haykin, Phil Johnson, Dr. Andy Naselli, Dr. Tom Nettles, Dr. Steve Nichols, Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner, Justin Taylor, and Dr. Carl Trueman.

The Book Review Editors include: Dr. Eric Tully (Old Testament), Dr. Jarvis Williams (New Testament), Dr. James M. Hamilton (Biblical Theology), Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin (Historical Theology/Church History), Dr. Bradley Green (Systematic Theology), Ian Hugh Clary (Apologetics), Dr. Jacob Shatzer (Ethics), Dr. Timothy K. Beougher (Missions and Evangelism), Dr. J. Stephen Yuille (Spirituality and Christian Living), TBA (Counseling), TBA (Christianity and Culture).