This past Thursday, January 22, was the 22nd anniversary of Row v. Wade that legalized abortion in the United States. On Thursday some dear friends arrived at the hospital to deliver their baby that bore Trisomy 13 Syndrome. We live in a twisted world where most parents sacrifice on the altar of abortion children with such genetic abnormalities, all in order to idolize their personal comfort rather than celebrate their child’s worth. In contrast, our friends chose life for their little Mercy and opened their hearts to love this life, knowing full well that she would likely never survive outside the womb. Their journey testifies to the amazing worth of God, displayed in their valuing of his image in their daughter and also in their trusting his promises and commands.

Friday afternoon their little Mercy was born with twelve perfect tiny toes, twelve perfect fingers, and a full head of curly brown hair. Her body was tiny, but as her father said, “She truly is created in the image of God.” Her heart continued to beat and legs kick up until the final moments before birth and until her soul left this life to enter into the arms of Jesus.* After some moments with her Mommy and Daddy, family then gathered to hold a granddaughter and a sister and to say, “Hello and goodbye.” Now a family grieves and weeps as those who have hope.

Lord, I praise you that you sustain the brokenhearted with amazing displays of your worth. Thank you that your beauty is compelling enough to preserve faith, even in the darkest seasons. Thank you that your faithfulness is real and your trustworthiness true. Sustain my friends. Hold their hearts, be their strength, and keep them from stumbling. We praise you, Jesus. Amen.


*For my pastoral reflections regarding the eternal destiny of children who die in infancy, though in relation to some different friends’ loss, see here.

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