In a world scathed with darkness, light is powerful gift from God. The more extended your time in the night, the more you appreciate and hope for light. In a recent chapel message at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary I walk us through Ecclesiastes 11:7–12:1. The Preacher in Ecclesiastes is one who had tasted the bitterness of this world and the bigness and beauties of God and who supplies tangible help for those of us who know the Lord and yet who cannot fully grasp his ways in this crooked and confused world.

In the message I seek to challenge any hearer to let your heart be satisfied in the Lord today. Rejoice always, run wisely, remove your cares, and remember your Creator. And let the certainty that God has worked for you in Christ supply you all you need to persevere through the darkest of days unto the time when there will be no night.

The message follows this outline:

  • Introduction: The Beauty and Power of Light
  • The Need to Be Satisfied in the Lord Always (11:7–8)
    • Seeing Light is Sweet (11:7)
    • Why Seeing Light is Sweet (11:8)
  • How to Be Satisfied in the Lord Always (11:9–12:1)
    • Step 1: Rejoice Always (11:9ab)
    • Step 2: Run Wisely (11:9cd)
    • Step 3: Remove Your Cares (11:10)
    • Step 4: Remember Your Creator (12:1)
  • Conclusion

Join with me as we see the light of Christ in the book of Ecclesiastes.