Along with my role as research professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology at Midwestern Seminary, I serve as Content Developer and Global Trainer with Hands to the Plow Ministries. Recently, my friend Tom Kelby and I have begun to partner in a weekly podcast on biblical theology titled GearTalk: Biblical Theology. The title comes from our main Developing Leaders: Biblical Theology curriculum, which characterizes the various parts of the biblical canon like gears in a transmission, all of which work together to help Scripture progress, integrate, and climax in Christ.

This podcast targets the majority of church leaders in this world (85%) who have no formal theological training but who love God and long to better help others understand the whole counsel of God from Genesis to Revelation and from creation to consummation. Here are the episodes that have gone live so far:

  1. Jesus’s Bible (May 20, 2022)
  2. What Is Biblical Theology? (May 20, 2022)
  3. What Did the Prophets Know? (June 4, 2022)
  4. The Second Exodus––Part 1 (June 20, 2022)
  5. The Second Exodus––Part 2 (June 28, 2022)
  6. A Place for God’s People (July 19, 2022)
  7. Developing Leaders (July 25, 2022)
  8. Text or Event––Part 1 (Aug 1, 2022)
  9. Text or Event––Part 2 (Aug 8, 2022)
  10. Matthew! (Aug 15, 2022)

Come join us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Audible, or another of your favorite Podcast media tools.