The prophet Zephaniah was a Jew with both royal Davidic and black African heritage. The Lord commissioned him to assist the reformation efforts of King Josiah around 622 B.C. The book’s message is direct: In light of the impending day of his wrath, the Lord summons his faithful remnant to patiently pursue him together in order avoid punishment and to enjoy satisfying salvation, all for God’s joy and glory. I love this book in light of the way it crushes pride, celebrates our savior, and heightens both delight in God and desire for consummation. Below are a number of links to messages I have given on this book.

Audio Messages with PowerPoint Slides


Rejoicing in Hope: 3 Lectures on Zephaniah (W. H. Griffith Memorial Lectures at DTS, Winter 2023)

Revering God: Punishment on the Day of the Lord (Zeph 1:2–18) (Lecture 1): Audio / Video

Seeking God and Waiting: Hope on the Day of the Lord (Zeph 2:1–4; 3:8–10) (Lecture 2): Audio / Video

Rejoicing Then and Now: Pleasures on the Day of the Lord (Zeph 3:11–20) (Lecture 3): Audio / Video