A Prayer of Praise

Lord Christ, we gather this day in great hope of your greatness and what your sovereignty can mean for the billions of souls living in darkness. From Chicago to Beijing, you are progressively reclaiming cities and farms, mansions to squatters’ shacks for the sake of your name. It is very difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, yet all things are possible with you. Those considering suicide, those living on the dark side can find hope because you are light, and the light has overcome the darkness. You give joy to the sad, a home to the outcast, bread to the hungry, and strength to the weary. You are a good Savior who satisfies believing sinners, and we celebrate the life and hope and help you give us. We are needy, and you are our supply.

There are husbands and wives in this room that need your help today. Anxieties over job loss, fears of an affair, concerns over kids, and so much more. So much in this cursed world breaks, but you, Lord Christ, are the fixer. You heal the sick and give strength to the weary. You came to mend broken hearts and broken marriages. You can make the selfish into servants, the proud into peace makers. You can ignite fire among ashes and bring heat into cold hearts. So overcome passivity and aggression with provision and protection. Overcome wandering eyes and wandering thoughts with purity and devotion. Help kings become servants and lords lead through humility and God-dependence. Heal marriages I pray.

There are singles in this room who need you to supply guidance and grace, purpose and power. They need courage to carry their cross, and they need direction to know where you would have them go. You are the way, and though your road is narrow and few are those that find it, your sheep hear your voice, you know them, and they follow. You are the good shepherd who takes care of your sheep, and you promise to lead us in paths of righteousness for your namesake. As these men and women seek you, let them find you. Give them hope and a future, for you are good and you are working good for them. Some are presently free, unencumbered by the cares of family. So give them courage to follow, give them boldness to go, give them a heart for the hurting and a willingness to say No to the world’s pleasures and Yes to the world’s needs. Make them givers and not takers, encouragers and not exploiters, healers and not hurters, servants and not kings. Give them the sword of the Spirit for battle, and equip them to use the hoe of your Spirit for working in your harvest field.

There are global partners in this room who have returned once again to this place they once called home. Though they know fewer people here than they once did, give them fresh relationships and new rope holders who can help carry the financial load and be faithful in prayer. Give the kids fresh friendships, and supply stability as they sojourn, and give their weary souls the refreshment they need. Give these missionaries fresh vision and provision, joy and connections. Feed them from your Word and through your people. Let your goodness and mercy that ever follows now overcome. Wash over these givers bringing needed cleansing and hope, life and joy. Yes, God, grant these missionaries joy in you, and may that joy supply fresh strength and courage to press on.

Greater are you, Lord Christ, than he who is in the world. You are all-powerful, all-wise, all-knowing, and your love for us, your people, is real. We praise you for saving sinners like us. We praise you for being a good Savior.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

––Jason S. DeRouchie (6/3/2018) //PDF//